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What is it? he glass pane titled NANO PARTS is part of a bigger piece made by glass artist from Slovakia, Europe - Petra VLHOVA. The piece consists of 121 smaller NANO PARTS.

NANO PARTS isn’t a present for you, but it’s a chance to reward a person you care about.

Means of identifications when gifting: mail contact, given name, residency – town.

What’s the goal of the project? To make every participant ponder and look for positive traits in people surrounding him. We don’t want this task to be simplified – I’m going to gift it to my parents, spouse or significant other. Please, try to think about it harder than that! Think about the people around you – it IS worth it.

What to do with NANO PARTS? NANO PARTS is a symbol of thanks being passed on to people we wish to thank, it’s not meant as a dust collector, it presents the means of finding positive traits of more and more good people.

This piece’s journey will be catalogued on the webpage, where we hope every person passing this gift on will identify its new owner along with their reasons for gifting.

For the project to live on, it is important to inform the new owner of its purpose.

We are thrilled to see you spread our positive idea of thanks and respect!

Motto of project :„THANKS TO GOOD PEOPLE“
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Mgr.Art. Petra Vlhová

glass artist

„Art needs people around it to exist"


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